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by Dizzy - April 2nd, 2010.
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LG 26LE3300 26 Inch HD Ready LED TV LG 26LE3300 26 Inch HD Ready LED TV £352.95
The LG 26LE3300 is a fantastic entry level LED Television that is full of the latest technology enhancing your viewing experience to the next level.The LG 26LE3300 is a 26 inch HD Ready LED TV that provides 720P HD picture quality with an Ultra Slim design perfect for any bedroom, office or kitchen. LG's new range of LED Televisions include ultra high contrast ratios allowing you to enjoy the best colour range when watching your favourite TV programs and movies. The LG LE3300 range of LED TVs comes with an integrated Freeview Tuner, allowing you to get access to digital programming without the need for an external box. This 26LE3300 26 LED TV allows you to cut back on electricity bills with up to 40% power savings compared to an conventional LCD Television.The compact neat 26 inch screen would be ideal for the bedroom, kitchen or study, and for those who are short on space this LED can be mounted on a wall.Also known as: 26LE3300, LG26LE3300, 26-LE3300, LG-26LE3300"