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by Mogga - February 1st, 2012.
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Might be one of these! TVs has these new items today
SAMSUNG SM700DRN-A LFD from Insight UK £72343.19
Samsung SyncMaster 700DRN-A - 70 LCD flat panel display with built-in PC and touch-screen - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - black
SAMSUNG SM820TSN-2 LFD from Insight UK £38704.79
Samsung SyncMaster 820TSN - 82 LCD flat panel display with built-in network media player and touch-screen - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - HD ready 1080p - black
NEC MULTISYNC LCD8205 82 INCH LANSCAPE LCD DISPLAY from 1staudiovisual £37343.60
Get your message across in a big way with the LCD8205 LCD Display . This professional grade display delivers big screen performance and will take care of all of your corporate and digital signage requirements. The imposing size of this massive marketing tool will capture the attention of your audience both near and far. This superb six feet by three feet wide screen has the widest possible viewing angles a super fast response time and full high definition resolution so your message will be clear crisp and clean and nobody will be able to take their eyes off it. This LCD Display is idea for boardrooms trade shows events and anywhere you want to leave a lasting impression
SAMSUNG SM820DXN-2 LFD from Insight UK £35282.39
Samsung SyncMaster 820DXn-2 - 82 LCD flat panel display with built-in network media player - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - black
SAMSUNG 82 LCD DISPLAY 1920 X from Insight UK £31537.19
Samsung SyncMaster - 82 LCD flat panel display - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD)
SONY 65 (1920X1080) S-VIDEO
SONY 65 (1920X1080) S-VIDEO from Insight UK £18422.39
Sony GXD-L65H1 - 65 LCD flat panel display - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - silver
SAMSUNG SM700TSN-2 LFD from Insight UK £16454.39
Samsung SyncMaster 700TSN - 70 LCD flat panel display with built-in network media player and touch-screen - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - HD ready 1080p - black
SAMSUNG SM460DRNA 46 (1366 X
SAMSUNG SM460DRNA 46 (1366 X from Insight UK £15541.19
NEC NECLCDP701 70 LFD 1920 X
NEC NECLCDP701 70 LFD 1920 X from Insight UK £10142.39
NEC MultiSync P701 - 70 Professional Series LCD flat panel display - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - black
SAMSUNG SM700DX-2 70 FULL HD LFD DISPLAY" from 1staudiovisual £10115.60
Untitled Document If your business relies on real - time information and needs an LFD display that it trust then the Samsung 700DX-2 is ideal. It also comes with picture - in - picture and picture - by - picture display built - in speakers a matrix video wall and 178 degree wide - angle viewing. So it is sure to get noticed for all the right reasons. RS232C In-Out RS232C a standard of serial communication is used for the communication between PC and displays. Therefore A Multiple Display Control (MDC) helping various displays to be easily and simultaneously operated on PC is possible with RS232C function. A cool way to ensure longevity. Enjoy continuous reliable operation thanks to a built-in fan control. Housed inside of the LFD the fan guarantees you can count on it for years to come without worrying about it overheating. You can even control the fan with an easy-to-use on screen display. Twice the information double the impact. Whether your presentation requires a picture-in-picture configuration or a picture-by-picture arrangement this Samsung LFD makes it possible. When one image just isn’t enough two video signals can be viewed simultaneously for maximum impact. A smart sensor that automatically saves energy. Stop worrying about the lighting conditions affecting your display. This Samsung LFD adjusts its brightness levels as ambient light changes so your images are always crystal-clear. And while it compensates for low-light and high-light environments you’ll save energy and stay eco-friendly. Brighter lights better picture. With an intensely illuminated DID panel your message is always in the spotlight. Its high brightness and contrast level make the screen clear and readable in public. In fact on average it’s 1.5 times as bright as TV screens. Plus with a low operating temperature this Samsung LFD will be completely reliable for years to come. An innovative solution with easy access. Samsung’s network management software features two types: a Wan/LAN-based for local access and a web-based software accessible anywhere. MagicInfo lets you access your server and LFDs everywhere in the world. This optimized Samsung software solution lets you manage multiple Samsung LFDs remotely. Best yet uploading creating monitoring and controlling content is more convenient and less time-consuming. Reliable durable and dust-resistant. Introducing a monitor that was built to stand the test of time—and dust. This Samsung LFD is durable and dust-resistant. Corner-sealing design double-layer structure and screw and user hole sealing add to its ruggedness. Make sure dirt and dust don’t stand in the way of getting your message out. Choose the right view landscape or portrait. This Samsung LFD gives you the flexibility to display your image vertically or horizontally—whatever the situation calls for. With a pivot function that rotates the screen 90˚degrees and the freedom to display presentations in portrait mode or advertisements in landscape mode this makes for one versatile monitor. No separate PCs. No jumbled wires. Control multiple monitors without having to install and run wires to a separate PC. This Samsung LFD features a powerful built-in PC. Its optional multi-network solution—purchased separately—is easy to configure through a LAN easy to manage through server-side software and cost-effective to run. And with optimized CPU RAM and storage you’ll have everything you need to get your message across effectively. Save money save space with built-in speakers. Maximise your impact with a great picture and crisp audio. Your message will be heard loud and clear with built-in speakers. You’ll save money when you eliminate the cost of purchasing separate speakers and you’ll save valuable space as well. Stay in the loop with DVI-out. Enjoy superior picture quality with a DVI-out interface that lets you share content between multiple LFDs thanks to an easier-to-connect video matrix. LFDs used to have to be connected to the PC individually but digital loop out allows you to connect them without connecting to a PC. Better yet the digital loop out produces a single image without any loss of quality and there’s no need for a separate video signal distributor. It’s easy to install and the most cost-effective way to connect multiple displays. A screen that won’t shatter your digital dreams. (option) When a monitor is displayed in public areas things can happen. That’s why our LFD offers a specially-designed optional protection glass. Scratch resistant and shatter-proof it shields the panel’s surface from any damage so you can use it for years to come.