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Thursday, February 17th, 2011
SimplyElectricals added loads of new items
Samsung UE65C8000 65 Inch Full HD Freeview HD Series 8 3D LED TV
Samsung UE65C8000 65 Inch Full HD Freeview HD Series 8 3D LED TV £4699.00
The Samsung UE65C8000 is the fantastic 65" 3D LED Television from Samsung that brings the 3D experience to your living room. It amazes, even us, to think that all the technology detailed below can be packed into less than 3cm depth whilst also remaining affordable. The C8000 range of 3D LED Televisions from Samsung allow you experience explosive Full High Definition images from movies and television broadcasts - taking what you seen at the cinema in 3D to a whole new level.The 65 Inch 3D LED TV uses Active 3D Technology, whereby the Active 3D Glasses (available separately) do the magic to display the 3D Content. Samsung Active 3D Glasses operate wirelessly from the 3D LED Television and display one High Definition image per eye. The glasses are stylish and more importantly comfortable. Samsung Active 3D Glasses have been engineered in order to adapt to your eyes to reduce the common symptoms from watching 3D Content.Watching 3D Content on your Luxia C8000 is currently available in 4 different flavours; 3D Blu-Ray, 3D Broadcast, 2D-to-3D Conversion, 3D Gaming Consoles. 3D Blu-Ray Players are currently the only way to enjoy Full HD 3D content - which means each eye, will receive a Full 1080p High Definition image in order to produce the 3D effect. Another way to enjoy 3D Content with your Samsung 3D LED Television is the broadcast form. Currently in the United Kingdom, BSkyB are the only broadcaster to provide a 3D Service called Sky 3D. Sky 3D is available for Free to all Sky World (with Sky HD Subscription) customers allowing them to enjoy a "Preview" Channel displaying a show reel of "Live" events from Sky. 3D Content is also available in the form of a 2D-to-3D conversion engineered exclusively for Samsung 3D Televisions. 2D-to-3D Conversion allows you convert your existing 2D television set, Games Consoles and Blu-Ray Players to 3D in the form of 1080i High Definition. The final way to enjoy 3D content on your Samsung UE65C8000 is through 3D Gaming Consoles. Currently the Sony PlayStation 3 is the only gaming console available on the market to offer this service.This 3D Television from Samsung also features support for Freeview HD among normal Freeview broadcasts with the added benefit of PVR functionality via USB Freeview HD allows you to enjoy BBC HD, ITV1 HD & 4HD (more HD Channels available in the future) in high definition for free without the need for an external Freeview HD box or a satellite receiver. This unit comes at the right time to enjoy all 64 Games of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in High Definition and for Free. The 65C8000 3D LED Television provides the ability to record and infinite amount of television broadcasts in both High Definition and Standard Definition with the ability the plug in an external USB Stick or USB External Hard Disk Drive.The Samsung 65C8000 uses the new premium Luxia Panel which provides fantastic contrast levels and also reduces reflection more commonly found on previous generation of television sets. The Samsung UE65C8000 3D LED TV Set uses the Samsung HyperReal Engine to produce rich colour & vivid images on your Luxia LED Television screen. The performance of the Samsung C8000 Series 8 television is amplified by the Samsung 200Hz Motion Plus which analyses at each individual frame of the footage and adjusts the frame in order to provide the smoothest picture quality available.Not just producing fantastic pictures on the television screen, the Samsung UE65C8000 Television features SRS Theatre Sound. Its virtual surround sound produces a pleasant sound from the discreetly hidden speakers. At Simply Electricals, we'd advise that to experience the full potential of 3D Video and more importantly 3D Audio is extend your home theatre with a Samsung HW-C450 Home Theatre Speaker Bar or even a 5.1 or 7.1 Home Cinema system to take your experience of 3D to a whole new level.As with all Samsung LED TVs, the UE65C8000 Luxia Television incorporates Samsung Apps which allow you to have access to wide range of applications from interactive games to additional content including BBC iPlayer and Love Film as well as services like SkypeHD. The service is provided by highly successful Internet@Home service first seen on the previous generation of the award winning LED Televisions. Internet@Home connects to your broadband internet either via Ethernet or via a Wireless LAN Adaptor Dongle (available separately). This television unit also takes advantage of Samsung's new AllShare functionality which allows you to transfer videos, music and photos from compatible PC or mobile device wirelessly and effortlessly.This set comes with Samsung's premium remote control, which includes a metal finish to match your UE65C8000.Also known as:UE65C8000, 65C8000, 65C8000XKXXU
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Saturday, November 20th, 2010
AJ Electronics added loads of new lines Read the rest of this entry »
Thursday, November 18th, 2010
Beyond Television has these new lines today
Sony KDL46HX803 40
Sony KDL46HX803 40" Full HD 1080 3D LCD with LED edge & 200hz £1624.00
SONY VAT BACK AVAILABLE ON THIS PRODUCT UNTIL 24th DEC 2010 SEE LINK BELOW www.sony.co.uk This BRAVIA TV is built to deliver superb quality 3D viewing experience in your home and with our advanced Edge LED backlight technology you get in your cinematic package thats beautifully slim. PRICE SHOWN DOES NOT INCLUDE VAT BACK SAVING
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Saturday, November 6th, 2010
Lots of new items at Comet
SAMSUNG UE55C8000 £2799.00
Bringing you a new dimension to TV. This Samsung 55" LED TV is packed full of features and is 3D enabled for truly immersive action. Also features 1080p full HD and 200Hz frame refresh rate technology for crisp and clear viewing images. Plus integrated Freeview HD for access to HD channels including BBCHD, ITVHD and Channel 4 HD. USB port for easy viewing of your home video and photos. Plus Internet@TV for a gateway to a selection of great entertainment. All this in a super slim and stylish design.
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Sunday, October 10th, 2010
New products added today at AJ Electronics
LG 55LX9900 55In LED 3D TV LG 55LX9900 55In LED 3D TV £2497.00
 LG 55LX9900 55 inch LED 3D TV Features: 3DTV Magic Motion 400Hz Freeview HD Full LED NetCast USB Input LG 55LX9900 47inches Full LED 3D TV Ready with Freeview HD Netcast and 400Hz The LG Full LED Infinia LX9900 series is a whole new type of TV and provides the ultimate in home entertainment with better picture quality ultra slim single layer Infinia design and more eco friendly features. Add access to your favourite internet content such as youtube as well as being 3D Ready (2 Pairs of Active 3D Glasses included) - the LX9900 Infinia TV series from LG will take your home entertainment experience to a whole new level. 3DTVGet Ready for 3DTV with LG. 3D TV takes you closer to the action providing a completely immersive viewing experience as soon as you put on your 3D glasses. You can convert your living room to a sports stadium or movie theatre with content from 3D Blu-ray players 3D video games and future services from Sky.400HzWatch the summer of sport in style with LG TruMotion 400Hz. Motion blur is virtually eliminated giving you crystal clear picture quality perfect for watching sports like F1 football tennis as well as fast action movies.Full LEDA revolution in picture quality and stylish ultra slim design; LG Full LED TV gives you better picture quality than Edge LED TVs with crystal-clear images deeper blacks and the most realistic colours available today.  LG Full LED TVs are the greenest TVs ever and are more eco-friendly than an LCD and Plasma TV saving you money off your electricity bills.  With LGs ultra slim Infinia design you can easily hang this stylish TV on your wall like a pi
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Saturday, October 2nd, 2010
Comet has cut the price of these products
TOSHIBA 32LV713 TOSHIBA 32LV713 was £329.99 now £296.99
TOSHIBA 32LV713 - NEW FOR 2010 - This Toshiba 32" TV features 1080p Full HD technology for enhanced picture quality.
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Sunday, September 26th, 2010
Reduced products at AJ Electronics
SAMSUNG UE22C4010 22In  LED TV SAMSUNG UE22C4010 22In LED TV was £245.00 now £222.00
Features: LED TV Freeview Tuner 2 HDMI Planet First Wide Colour Enhancer plus Inspired by nature designed with style. Samsung UE22C4010 Ultra Slim HD Ready LED TV. 2 HDMI All it takes is one cable to connect your TV to your other audio and video sources. Our HDMI slot allows you to import all kinds of content without compression including pictures and videos from your digital camcorders and multimedia PCs. Now enjoying it all on a wide HD screen couldn't be easier. Inspired by nature designed with style. Samsung continues to be inspired by the beauty found in nature and our latest HDTVs reflect that. Each of our series represent different elements found in nature
Sunday, September 19th, 2010
MultizoneAV reduced the price on these products today
SONY 32 SONY 32" Full HD 1080 Wi-Fi Ready LCD TV with Edge LED was £548.85 now £539.00
SONY KDL32EX703 / KDL-32EX703 32" Full HD 1080 Wi-Fi Ready LCD TV with Edge LED at Multizone Audio Visual
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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
MultizoneAV reduced the price on these items today
SONY 32 SONY 32" Full HD 1080 Wi-Fi Ready LCD TV with Edge LED was £567.85 now £548.85
SONY KDL32EX703 / KDL-32EX703 32" Full HD 1080 Wi-Fi Ready LCD TV with Edge LED at Multizone Audio Visual
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Monday, September 6th, 2010
AJ Electronics has these new products today
SONY KDL40HX803U 40In LCD TV SONY KDL40HX803U 40In LCD TV £1299.99
Features: Slim cinematic screen with superb high contrast Ultra-smooth motion for fast-action scenes Ready for a Full High Definition 3D experience Built-in tuner for easy access to Freeview HD Sony KDL-40HX803 40inch Full HD 1080 3D LCD TV with Dynamic Edge LED & Motionflow 200Hz PRO Experience big screen action on a super slim screen Beautifully slim 3D cinema This BRAVIA TV is built to deliver a superb quality 3D viewing experience in your home and with our advanced Edge LED backlight technology you get a cinematic package that’s beautifully slim.   Get ready for a whole new viewing dimension Forget memories of blurred images and cut-out cardboard glasses; this TV is ready for an amazing realistic Full HD 3D experience. Simply upgrade with Active Shutter glasses and a 3D transmitter accessory and you’ll feel as though you’re sitting at the heart of the action as it unfolds around you. Enjoy slim picture perfection With locally dimming Edge LED backlight technology you get the perfect blend of slim design and cinema performance. You’ll experience rich colour deep blacks and the brightest whites on a TV that elegantly fits into your home.
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